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Join the Conversation about Conservation!

Fact:  A rhino needs its horn to survive in the wild!

Fiction: Rhino horn has medicinal value!

Fact: Our generation is responsible for the extinction of the Javan and Western Black Rhino!

Fiction: Rhino can be farmed like cattle to meet the black market demand of Asia.

Fact: The rhino is an 'umbrella' species mega herbivore vital to the health of the ecosystem!

Fiction: Legalizing trade in rhino horn will deter poaching.

Fact: No endangered species should be treated like a commodity! (OK, this one is an opinion!)

This page is 'under construction' and is intended to be a 'social media literature review'.  Here you will find academic sources on current conservation questions and contraversies.  We will address the subject matter through the lens of practioners in a respectful 'town hall' discussion.

Rhino Mercy Blogging Etiquette
     Our intent in creating this space for virtual dialogue is that it be used to generate thoughts and actionable intent to engage in preserving wild spaces and everything that inhabits them.  Hopefully some of the topics listed below will challenge your perceptions and world views of what is really happening to the natural world.  I respectfully ask that responses remain civil and constructive.  Whenever possible, when making assertions, please provide personal evidence (experiences) or scientific references that inform your position.  :)  Thanks in advance!

          Tom L. Tochterman, Ph.D.


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