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Students and Researchers

Nonwane Research House, Olifants West Nature Reserve, Greater Kruger Park, South Africa

Finding just the right place to conduct field work for a student can sometimes be an exercise into the abyss; ‘where do I start’, ‘who do I trust’, ‘how do I align my research and site selection’, ‘who do I call’, ‘how do I get there’, ‘will my school approve’, ‘why should I go abroad’, ‘how much does it cost’, ‘who will I know when I get there’, ‘what special immunizations will I need’, ‘health issues’, ‘technology requirements’, language barriers’, etc.…..  All such questions are valid and we can help you navigate most if not all of them.   Indlovu Camp has hosted dozens of college/university students, over the last several years, conducting their field work primarily within an environmental studies degree program.  More recently we have also hosted students from the social sciences conducting research on matters involving human/wildlife conflict.  Nonwane Research House, where most of our visiting students, professors, and researchers reside, provides an excellent venue for collecting your data, analyzing and organizing your findings, and for preparing your conclusions.  Our staff is eager and qualified to mentor you along this phase of your academic journey in concert with your primary academic supervisor back home.  Please see the link below for the Student Packet to better understand our expectations and to ease potential anxieties over where to begin planning your journey.

1) Experience Voluntourism

2) Experience an African Safari
Kruger to the Mara
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