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Our Work is Your Opportunity to 'Make a Difference'

Black Mamba Anti-Poaching Unit 


     Rhino Mercy encourages stakeholder participation in the establishment of anti-poaching programs.  In partnership with Transfrontier Africa, Rhino Mercy co-developed an effective wildlife security model that can be replicated by private game reserve managers throughout the Greater Kruger National Park.  Currently the partnership has established a multi-faceted anti-poaching strategy on the Balule Nature Reserve which includes, among other initiatives, the deployment of Environmental Monitors (Black Mamba APU) and a highly trained tactical response force (both lovingly referred to as "boots on the ground").  For more information about the Black Mambas (first all female APU in the history of South Africa) please see the links below.

     Below are three videos that have been produced that illustrates well the significance of what the Black Mamba APU project is providing.  Please view and share!

     Rhino Mercy also supports local organizations, such as Protrack, providing highly specialized training for anti-poaching units.  Additionally, Rhino Mercy encourages volunteers from abroad to receive APU training and short term volunteer placement within a private reserve to assist established APU programs. Please click the link below to find out more about Protrack Anti-Poaching Unit volunteer opportunities!

Bush Babies Youth Environmental Education


     A fundamental value of Rhino Mercy is that future generations that will eventually become the stewards and consumers of natural resources must be empowered with pro-environmental choice making skills.  To that end Rhino Mercy supports basic environmental education programs in the African communities adjacent to the Kruger National Park in South Africa.  It is the residents of such communities that confronted with real life "human/wildlife conflict" and it is our belief that with effective environmental literacy that future generations of community leaders will be equipped with a stronger ethos of community based resource protection.

Mama Watoto Project for Food Security


     Rhino Mercy works in partnership with organizations and individuals in Kenya to provide meals to rural primary school children in the Maasai Mara.  The objective is to improve overall academic success and reduce food security pressures contributing to subsitance hunting and poaching.

     Rhino Mercy and our partners, believe an alternative is needed to traditional approaches seeking to preserve cultural and natural heritages. We believe that by 'feeding and teaching the kids' we have a unique opportunity to develop a greater sense of environmental patriotism resulting in the sustainability of the planets most important traditons and resources.

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