Facts and Fiction About the Rhinoceros

Fact:  A rhino needs its horn to survive in the wild!

Fiction: Rhino horn has medicinal value!

Fact: Our generation is responsible for the extinction of the Javan and Western Black Rhino!

Fiction: Rhino can be farmed like cattle to meet the black market demand of Asia.

Fact: The rhino is an 'umbrella' species mega herbivore vital to the health of the ecosystem!

Fiction: Legalizing trade in rhino horn will deter poaching.

Fact: No endangered species should be treated like a commodity! (OK, this one is an opinion!)

White Rhino

Ceratotherium simum

Black Rhino

Diceros bicornis

Sumatran Rhino

Dicerorhinus sumatrensis

Indian Rhino

Rhinoceros unicornis​

Javan Rhino

Rhinoceros sondaicus

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