Donating to a Project of Rhino Mercy

Our current financial needs include funding for ongoing research camp operations and Black Mamba APU logistical support (food, equipment, transport, medical support, etc...).  Three options are provided for your convenience: 

  1. A one time or monthly donation can be made using the PayPal "Donate" button below.

  2. Chase Bank "QuickPay with Zelle" button below can be used for a bank to bank transfer and is preferred as no fee's are charged so more of your donation goes to the project (you do not have to be a Chase Bank client to use QuickPay, however, non-Chase donors must use a link provided at, when prompted please use to complete the transaction). 

  3. ​Checks are humbly accepted and the mailing address is gladly supplied via email request.


Financial Policy of Rhino Mercy:  100% Transparency
Rhino Mercy has been granted "non-profit corporate" status by the State of Washington and 501c3 tax exempt status from the US Internal Revenue Service.  Our state and federal tax ID # is 45-4484110.  To further our initiatives, Rhino Mercy has partnered with an established South African Section 21 tax exempt Public Benefit Organization (PBO) and Non Government Organizations.  

Rhino Mercy is committed to 100% transparency with respect to all revenues and expenses received and incurred whether in support of United States or South African operations.  We are dedicating this page on our website to illustrate our financials so that donors and other interested parties will be able judge for themselves on the wise use of funds and whether or not Rhino Mercy is meeting their expectations financially.  Our financials are a matter of public record and as such if anyone reading this wishes a copy of our most recent tax return please email the request to us.  Rhino Mercy believes this policy is unique to the world of non-government organizations (NGO's) and by implementing such a policy Rhino Mercy desires to become an organization recognized for it's environmental leadership, stewardship, and high ethical standards.

FYI, no person in the Rhino Mercy organization receives a salary or expense reimbursement including it's board members.  At this time Rhino Mercy has no paid employees and no person benefits financially from proceeds received by Rhino Mercy.  All donations are used directly on projects approved by the board of directors (admin costs are kept to an absolute minimum).