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Experience the African Safari

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DIY Bushveld Experience

SELF MANAGED SAFARI PACKAGE - Balule Nature Reserve, Greater Kruger Park, South Africa

The Bushveld Experience (BE) package is a great introduction to the sub-Sahara savannah landscape.  The BE package provides an excellent self-managed African safari experience that includes top quality game viewing and luxury accommodations.  Though it is ‘self-managed’ we will walk you through every step of the journey including pre-adventure planning such as airport arrival procedures, necessary immunizations, and whether you should self-drive or fly from Johannesburg to the lodge in the Greater Kruger National Park.  The Bushveld Experience is oriented to clients familiar with international travel in developing countries. For more information about the accommodations included in this package please visit the following website at

Concierge Bushveld Adventure

FULL SERVICE SAFARI  PACKAGE -Balule Nature Reserve, Greater Kruger Park, South Africa

If you seek a luxury African safari plus the added value of a personal guide with 10 years of experience working in the bush saving rhino and facilitating environmental research… the Concierge Bushveld Adventure is the right choice!  Dr. Tom Tochterman will greet you at OR Tambo International airport and be your personal host for the duration of the safari! 


This safari package includes luxury accommodations plus daily ‘extra-curricular’ activities during down times at the lodge including visits to various attractions on and off the reserve such as the Hoedspruit Endangered Species Center; the Sigagule Children’s Center in Acornhoek; Indlovu Research camp on Olifants West Nature Reserve; and a presentation by members of the Black Mamba Anti Poaching Unit.

Executive Bushveld Adventure

EXECUTIVE TRAINING SAFARI PACKAGE -Balule Nature Reserve, Greater Kruger Park, South Africa

The Executive Adventure provides an immersion in nature coupled with formal and informal leadership training.  This package adds to the Concierge Bushveld Adventure and is designed to provide indelible episodic memories and life changing experiences. 


Outcomes for the Executive Adventure include high level personal and professional growth that benefit corporate objectives.  Training themes are made relevant to the safari experience and customized to the needs of the client.  Topics can include the physiology of learning, decision making, reflect or reflex, personality traits, learned objectivity and subjectivity, and systems thinking/laws of nature.

1) Experience Voluntourism

2) Experience Environmental Research

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