Experience Africa Project


An important part of Rhino Mercy's mission is to encourage travel to the sub-Sahara and experience first hand the Savannah environment in it's most wild state.  Experiencing Africa is the most effective learning tool we have to meet our key objective in creating accurate perceptions of the African ecosystems.  The bush is a spiritual place like none other and the only way to fully understand it is to experience it!  Here we propose three ways to experience Africa with Rhino Mercy and our partners.  First, you have the opportunity to work and live on a private game reserve as a volunteer and learn the comprehensive nature of managing a Big Five wilderness environment; second, we accommodate students needing to conduct field work for environmental studies or research objectives; or third, you can experience Africa from a more luxurious vantage point, the commercial lodge and safari vehicle.  Generally we have the ability to provide an unparalleled wilderness experience tailored to your unique environmental interests.  For more information about experiencing Africa, click the links below then 'contact us' if you want to pursue any of the three scenario's. 


Experience Africa, it will change your environmental perceptions, your outlook, and your behavior!

1) Experience Voluntourism


2) Experience Environmental Research


3) Experience the African Safari